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ARI-Armaturen's ENCOsys® is an advanced steam-to-water heat exchanger system designed for efficient and instantaneous hot water production without the need for water storage. This system is ideal for various industrial applications due to its compact design and high thermal efficiency.

Key Features:

Compact and Efficient Design: The ENCOsys® system boasts an extremely compact footprint, with the largest unit occupying less than 3m³ and the smallest unit less than 1.5m³. This makes it suitable for installations with limited space, as it can easily fit through standard doorways (ARI ENCOsys) .


Thermal Efficiency: The system provides substantial energy savings by heating secondary water and sub-cooling the condensate within the same plate heat exchanger. This design minimizes heat loss, reducing fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions (ARI ENCOsys) .


Precise Temperature Control: The ENCOsys® ensures accurate temperature control, maintaining stable secondary water temperatures even under fluctuating load conditions. It can control temperature within ±1ºC under steady loads, ensuring consistent and reliable performance (ARI ENCOsys) .


Domestic Hot Water: The ENCOsys® is perfect for domestic hot water applications, providing stable water temperatures without the need for a storage vessel. This reduces the risk of bacterial growth, such as Legionella, associated with stored water (ARI ENCOsys) (ARI Armaturen) .


Process Heating: Suitable for a variety of industrial processes, including hot water hose down, heat recovery, and cleaning in place, the ENCOsys® offers flexibility to meet specific process requirements efficiently (ARI ENCOsys) .


HVAC Systems: In HVAC applications, ARI's heat exchanger systems maintain the correct temperature balance in closed water cycles, ensuring efficient heating and cooling in living and operational spaces (ARI Armaturen) .


Reduced Operational Costs: The high thermal efficiency and compact design of the ENCOsys® result in lower operational costs. The system requires fewer inspections compared to traditional shell-and-tube heat exchangers, further reducing maintenance costs (ARI ENCOsys) .


Safety and Reliability: Fitted with TÜV-approved high-temperature cut-out valves, the system prevents overheating and scalding, ensuring safe operation across various industrial environments (ARI ENCOsys) .

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