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Triple and Double Offset Butterfly Valve
Triple and Double Offset Butterfly Valve

ARI-Armaturen offers a diverse range of butterfly valves designed for robust industrial applications, including the ZETRIX® triple offset butterfly valves and ZEDOX® double eccentric butterfly valves. These valves are recognized for their durability, precision, and versatile applications in various industries.

ZETRIX® Triple Offset Butterfly Valves:

  • Design and Construction: The ZETRIX® valves feature a triple offset design, ensuring a tight metal seal and zero leakage. These valves are constructed from materials such as cast steel (1.0619 +N; SA216 WCB) and stainless steel (1.4408; SA351 CF8M). They can handle a wide range of temperatures from -60°C to +427°C.

  • Applications: Suitable for critical applications in oil and gas processing, refineries, petrochemicals, power plants, and more. They are designed to meet rigorous safety standards, including firesafe, SIL, and ATEX certifications.

  • Specifications:

    • Nominal Diameter: Double flange: DN 80-1200, Lug type: DN 80-600, Butt-weld ends: DN 80-600.

    • Nominal Pressure: PN 10 to PN 100, Class 150, Class 300/600.

    • Actuation Options: Manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic drives (Ari Armaturen) (ARI Armaturen) .

ZEDOX® Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves:

  • Design and Construction: The ZEDOX® valves incorporate a double eccentric design that provides reliable tightness and performance. They are made from robust materials like cast iron and stainless steel, making them suitable for a variety of media including liquids, gases, and vapors.

  • Applications: Ideal for industries such as chemical processing, HVAC systems, and other general industrial applications requiring precise flow control.

  • Specifications:

    • Temperature Range: -40°C to +260°C.

    • Nominal Pressure: PN 10 to PN 40, ANSI Class 150.

  • Special Features: These valves are designed for easy maintenance and long-term reliability, ensuring efficient operation across various industrial processes (Ari Armaturen) (ARI Armaturen) .

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