Reduce Fuel Costs Through
Steam Energy Audit
Steam & Lubrication Seminar Optimize.jpg
Steam and Lubrication Training Seminar
Reduce Downtime Optimize.jpg
Reduce Downtime Through
Preventive Maintenance
Supply, Installation & Servicing of Steam Boilers
Steam Distribution Optimize.jpg
Survey & Construction of Steam Distribution System
Boiler Maintenance Optimize.jpg
Steam and Boiler Maintenance Contracts
typical prv station optimize.jpg
Installation of PRV & Steam Trap Station
Cladding Optimize.jpg
Insulation & Cladding Works
Manufacturing Optimize.jpg
Manufacturing Plant Construction
Centralized Lubrication Optimize.jpg
Installation & Servicing
of Centralized Lubrication System
Lube Bays Optimize.jpg
Design and Installation of Lube Bays & Trucks
Bearing Optimize.jpg
Cost Reduction for Bearing Lubrication


The Future of Steam and Hot Water System Management Begins Here.
Armstrong International

The Future of Steam and Hot Water System Management Begins Here.


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Industrial Watertube Optimize.png
Firetube Optimize.png
Watertube Boiler Optimize.png
Coal / Solid-Fired Boiler
Steam Boilers
Globe Valve
Globe Valve
Stainless Steel Gate Valve
Check Valve
Check Valve
Stainless Steel Check Valve
Stainless Steel Ball Valve
Ball Valve
Steam Valves
Thermal Flow Meter for Gas
Thermal Flow Meter for Gas
Mass Flow Meter & Controller for Gas
Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Steam
Flow Meters for Steam, Gas & Liquids
Pressure Reducing Valves
Safety Valve
Electric & Pneumatic Control Valves
Digital Recirculating Valve
Digital Control Mixing Valve
Washdown Station
Control Valves
Inverted Bucket Steam Traps
Steam Traps
Lubrication System for Oils & Greases
Lubrication System for Oils & Greases
Industrial Paint Insulation
Marine & Transportation Paint Insulation
Commercial & Residential Paint Insulation
Liquid Ceramic Insulation for Industrial, Marine, Residential & Transportation
Lubrication & Fluid Handling Equipment
Lubrication & Fluid Handling Equipment
Industrial Lubricants for Sugar Mills, Cement & Mining
Industrial Lubricants
Fluid Coupling
Coupling Parts & Kits
Disc Coupling
Gear Coupling
Grid Coupling
Flexible Couplings
Drop Forged Chain
Cast Chain
Roller Chain
Welded Steel Chain
Engineered Chains


SILVER HORIZON has been solving heating and lubrication problems in the Philippines for more than 30 years.  We have helped numerous manufacturing plants avoid production losses and achieve maximum plant efficiency by sharing our knowledge in the proper design, construction, and maintenance of their steam and lubrication lines.


Our existing clients cover the whole Philippines which includes almost all the multinational manufacturing plants like Nestle, Wyeth, San Miguel, Asia Brewery, Petron, and many more.  Knowing the demand for quality of our valued clients, we import only the best quality engineering products from all over the world (USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Argentina, Vietnam, and many more).


Our company believes that your success as our client and partner is our greatest mission. We provide our clients with exceptional service through our uncompromising sincerity, honesty, and integrity in everything that we do. For more than 30 years, we have grown from just a handful of employees to over 80 dedicated engineers, designers, technicians and hundreds of workers - and we are all here ready to serve you.