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Busco Reduces Costs With Laapsa Lubricants

For more than a decade, LAAPSA Sugarpress BR1000 has been helping numerous sugar mills by reducing at least 40% of the annual lubricant consumption.

Take a look at the huge savings of Busco Sugar Milling for the past years (see the table below).

You can see in the image - that the canal of the bearing is intact. It means that the high viscosity lubricant helped prevent wear and thus extended the life of the bearing for a few more years before we need to replace it. Our lubricant is also safe especially for the food industry because it is biodegradable and low toxicity.

You can see that LAAPSA can manage to protect the bearing with almost 50% less lubricant consumption compared to the other brand... Why settle for a lubricant that will cost you more with expensive bearing replacements?

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