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bellow sealed valves manila, philippines

The ARI-Armaturen Bellow Sealed Valves, specifically the FABA-Plus series, are designed for high-performance applications that require reliable sealing and minimal maintenance. These valves are widely used in industries such as steam, hot water, process water, heat transfer oil, and chemical applications.

Key Features

Leakage Prevention: The FABA-Plus valves feature a double-wall bellow seal, providing maximum leakage protection, which is crucial for handling hazardous and high-temperature fluids (Bagges).

Versatile Material Options: Available in cast iron, nodular iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, and forged steel, these valves can be tailored to specific application needs (Bagges).

Flexible Connections: The valves come with options for flanged, welded, or threaded connections, allowing for diverse installation requirements (DirectIndustry) (Bagges).

Actuation Choices: They can be operated manually with a handwheel or fitted with pneumatic or electric actuators for automated control, enhancing operational flexibility (Ari Armaturen).

Design Variants: The standard design is straight-through, but Y-pattern or angle pattern configurations are available upon request. Additional features include chain wheels, stem extensions, limit switches, and locking devices (Bagges) .

Technical Specifications

  • Size Range:

    • DIN: DN15-400, PN16 - 40

    • ANSI: 1/2" - 10", Class 150-300

  • Pressure and Temperature: Designed to handle high pressures and temperatures, making them suitable for demanding applications.

  • Seal Types: Metal seated or soft-seated PTFE plugs are available, along with various plug designs such as regulating plug, balanced plug, and SDNR (Screw Down Non Return) plug (Bagges) .

  • Certifications: Compliance with PED 2014/68/EU, ATEX 2014/34/EU, and other industry standards ensures safety and reliability in various applications (Bagges).


The ARI-FABA-Plus Bellow Sealed Valves are ideal for:

  • Chemical Processing: Ensures safe handling of corrosive and hazardous chemicals (Ari Armaturen).

  • Steam and Hot Water Systems: Provides reliable isolation and control in high-temperature environments.

  • Heat Transfer Systems: Suitable for managing high-temperature heat transfer fluids such as thermal oil (Bagges).

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