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Forged Steel Gate Valves

Forged steel gate valves are designed for high-performance in demanding industrial applications. They provide a reliable solution for the isolation of process fluids in pipelines, ensuring minimal turbulence and pressure drop when open.

Key Features:

Material Construction:

  • Body and Bonnet: Made from high-quality forged steel (e.g., A105N, LF2, F304/L, F316/L), ensuring excellent durability and resistance to harsh conditions.

  • Trim Options: Available with various trim materials to suit different applications and media.

Design Specifications:

  • Size Range: Typically available from 1/4 inch to 3 inches.

  • Pressure Ratings: Ranges from Class 150 to Class 2500, accommodating a wide range of pressure requirements​.

  • End Connections: Options include threaded, socket weld, flanged, and butt weld connections, providing flexibility in installation​.

Bonnet Designs:

  • Bolted Bonnet: Provides a secure seal and easy maintenance.

  • Welded Bonnet: Offers additional strength and integrity for high-pressure applications​​.

Operational Features:

  • Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y): Ensures that the threaded part of the stem is outside the fluid flow, reducing wear and tear.

  • Rising Stem: Provides a visual indication of valve position, enhancing operational safety​​.

Compliance and Certifications:

  • Standards: Designed and manufactured in accordance with API 602, ASME B16.34, NACE MR-0175, and NACE MR-0103 standards.

  • Testing: Each valve undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with API 598 for leakage and performance​.


  • Ideal for use in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, and chemical processing.

  • Suitable for handling various fluids, including steam, gas, and liquids, in high-temperature and high-pressure environments​​.

Typical Industries and Applications:

  • Oil and Gas: Isolation of flow lines and equipment.

  • Petrochemical: Handling of corrosive and high-temperature fluids.

  • Power Generation: Control of steam and condensate lines.

  • Chemical Processing: Isolation of process chemicals and fluids​ (Bonney Forge)​​ (Powell Valves)​.

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