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Electric Actuated Control Valves

ARI-Armaturen offers a comprehensive range of electric actuated control valves designed for precise control and regulation of liquids and gases in various industrial applications. These valves are equipped with high-performance electric actuators that ensure reliability and efficiency in diverse environments.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Actuation: The electric actuators, such as the PREMIO®-Plus 2G, provide precise control and are known for their robust performance and ease of maintenance. The actuators can be enhanced with the STEVI-POS® digital electropneumatic positioner, which offers reliable operation, economical piezo technology, and rapid start-up. This positioner allows for easy diagnostics and low air consumption, contributing to overall efficiency (ARI Armaturen) (ARI Armaturen) .

  • Flexible and Compact Design: These control valves are designed for maximum installation flexibility, even in tight spaces. The compact size and reduced weight—up to 25% less than conventional models—make them ideal for various applications. The actuator's upper part can rotate 360°, allowing for versatile installation options (ARI Armaturen) .

  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials such as EN-JL1040, EN-JS1049, 1.0619+N, and 1.4408, these valves are built to withstand high pressures and temperatures, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding industrial settings (ARI Armaturen) .


  • Chemical Processing: Suitable for handling corrosive and non-corrosive fluids, ensuring safe and efficient operations in chemical plants.

  • HVAC Systems: Provides reliable control for heating and cooling processes, enhancing system efficiency and performance.

  • General Industry: Ideal for applications requiring precise flow control, from manufacturing to energy production.

Additional Benefits:

  • Enhanced Diagnostics with myPREMIO App: The optional myPREMIO app enables remote control and diagnostics of the actuators, providing real-time status information, statistics, and trends. This feature facilitates efficient maintenance and support, reducing downtime and operational costs (ARI Armaturen) .

  • Customizable Solutions: The STEVI Vario series offers a variable actuator design with multiple Kvs values and flow characteristics, allowing for customization to meet specific process requirements. This flexibility, combined with the robust design, makes it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications (ARI Armaturen) .

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